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Kentra Technologies is a European company dedicated to the research, development and marketing of software solutions, directed at safety, well-being and quality of life, with a particular focus in the areas of health and healthcare information systems.

We develop innovative software solutions and services with the purpose of improving health, well-being and quality of life, satisfying the needs of our users and contributing to the economic and social sustainability of our customers.



BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE enables several forms of data visualization to different devices and access profiles. The system considers KHIS as source of data to be shown in reports and management indicators dashboards, but this is extensible to other systems and data sources. It allows you to view the data in report format providing data lists, in a flexible and customizable way, and/ or dashboards allowing a highly graphical display of key performance indicators relevant to the Management. In advanced solutions, it enables the creation of multi-dimensional analytical models.


Differentiation for quality, multidisciplinarity and complementarity of health services offer challenges to the management of multipurpose clinics, regardless of their size. KHIS is a comprehensive solution that facilitates cooperation between teams of professionals, placing the focus on the user, with an impact on the results, on the quality and safety of care, and on the perceived satisfaction of all stakeholders.


KHIS is a comprehensive solution that contributes to the quality and safety of hospital care and to overall planning and control over available human and material resources. Through the flow and controlled sharing of information, it promotes cooperation between teams of professionals, focusing on the user, with an impact on the results and the perceived satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Integrated solution for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, directed to clinics specialized in this valence or to units integrated in hospitals and multipurpose clinics. It assures the clinical follow-up of treatment cycles, enabling the physiatrist to record the evolution and prescription of the therapy and rehabilitation means to be applied.

Accidents and Injuries

Focused on providers integrated in networks of treatment and rehabilitation of accidents, it allows the management of periods of incapacitation and the treatments carried out either in the health unit itself or in other network providers. It provides the dematerialization of paper in the accident processes (work, road, sports, etc.) throughout the care route of the victim in the health unit, ensuring the communication and authorization flows with the insurance company.

Occupational Health

This module complements KHIS Clinics or KHIS Hospitals with all the necessary functionality to entities that are active in the area of ​​Occupational Health. Whether it is an internal department of a company that acts in the universe of its employees, an accredited entity that provides external services to a set of employers, its clients, KHIS Occupational Health answers your operational needs and management of clinical information and administrative.

Why Kentra

Integrated clinical process

KHIS aggregates the data of each user and his clinical process, unique and transversal to any context. All professionals who interact with a user can view and add content, safeguarding access rules, which makes it an important collaborative tool in the continuum of care.

Better efficiency and control

KHIS supports and guides the user by presenting their to-do list and alerting you to exceptional situations that require priority action. Work involving multiple professionals, sequentially or collaboratively, is facilitated by information flows and automated tasks, thus increasing levels of efficiency and operational control.

Organized, structured clinical process

KHIS provides intuitive tools for recording the observations, evaluations and interventions of health professionals. You can use the SOAP methodology or simply free text, make prescriptions of medicines with alerts of drug and allergic interactions, marking exams and requests for analysis.

Faster service

Thanks to the way the information is researched and presented, KHIS allows faster service, satisfying the needs of speed and efficiency, both for the user and the professional that interacts with it. In a simple way, the professional has access to all the functionalities so that the consultation or examination can be conducted quickly and easily.

Minimization of errors and their impact on quality of care

A complete cross-sectional clinical process becomes an essential aid to effective and quality service delivery, minimizing errors and raising safety levels. Prescription drugs include alerts for adverse and allergic reactions, decreasing the risk in choosing the most appropriate drug.

Better interaction

KHIS frees the health professional for greater interaction with the user at all participatory levels. With an easy to use, intuitive interface, health professionals can focus all their attention on patients, with no interruptions.

Flexible scheduling and integrated billing

KHIS enables the complete management of health professionals’ schedules, spaces and equipment in a user-friendly environment. The effectiveness of the acts and the registration of the consumptions compete directly for an automated, more careful and safe billing.

Financial and management indicators

More than ever, rigorous management control is needed for the success of organizations that provide health services. With KHIS, you will be able to control operational performance, billing, costs and real-time control of your financial and management goals.

Mobile friendly

The information you need is always a click away. Wherever and whenever you want, you can access all the information of your users, schedule appointments, and issue electronic prescriptions, as if you were at your place of work. All you need is a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Stable, safe and affordable

Using reliable, state-of-the-art technologies with the highest levels of safety, KHIS meets the most demanding health care needs of our customers, and our customers’ experience in terms of stability, availability and response to high volume demands will attest to this.

Easy integration

KHIS has been designed and prepared to integrate into an environment where information exchange with other systems is imperative. It already offers interfaces for various ERPs and connection to laboratory management and imaging systems.

Official certification

KHIS is a certified software, complying to the industry’s best practice standards, as well as legal requirements and regulations. In Portugal, it is certified by the Tax Authority (invoicing) and Ministry of Health (electronic prescription).

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